June 23, 2021 @ 9:30 am

Wednesday June 23, 2021
Starting Promptly at 9:30 a.m. (doors open @ 8:00 a.m.)
Auction will be held at Stastny Community Center, Hebron, NE
1350 Dove Rd, Hebron NE (watch for signs)
Lunch & Restrooms Available

Signs, Advertising, Oil Gas, Pop & Other
Buick Authorized Service 30” SS Porcelain
1939 Royal Crown DS Steel 16X20”
Royal Crown Cola Thermometer 6”X14”
1939 Royal Crown SS Steel Best by Taste-Test 16”X20”
1964 Mobil Lubrication Recommendations 28”X16”
Rainbo Bread Door Guard
Canada Dry (Pam) Thermometer 12”
Monroe Shock Absorbers Thermometer 7”X27”
Kendall Motor Oil SS Tin 3’X6’
King Edward Cigars 2 & 5 Cents SS Tin 17”X10”
Foxbilt Feeds Pam Thermometer
Camels Cigarettes Thermometer
4 old glass pop bottles Stevens, Goetz White Lemon, Coke & Orange Crush
Gargoyle Mobil Can
Drink Nichol Kola 5 cents SS Tin 8”X24”
Sunkist Oranges (Cardboard) Santa & Sleigh 24”
Royal Crown Cola menu display 19”X27” & 1951 Coca-Cola menu display
Pepsi Thermometer, Metal Cooler & 1954 Electric Clock
Conoco Outboard Oil Tin & 5 gallon paper Box
Several Oil 5 Gallon Pails
Mobil Lustre Cloth Tin
2 Shasta Grape Tin Advertisers
1964 Mobil Lubrication Recommendations 28”X16”
1961 Canada Dry “Pam Clock”
Marlboro Electric Light 26”X15”
Tin Kodiak Bear 20”X17”
Coca-Cola Metal Cooler w/ opener 17.5”X14.5”
Briggs & Stratton SS Tin 35”X23”
Paper Mason’s Root Beer, Grapette & Squeeze Carriers
NAPA Hydraulic Brake Lines Display 16”X10”
Fruit Drinks SS Tin 14”X8”
Chiclets 1 & 5 Cents
Buckeye Brass Gas Nozzle
GE Automobile Lamp Display
Busch Bavarian Beer Light
Natural Light Beer Light
Ambassador Beer Tray
Leinenkugel’s Beer Advertiser
Hamm’s Beer Lamp Base
Colt 45 Beer Can Clock
Miller Time Lite 1978 Calendar 7”X19”
Marlboro Clock 23”X15.5”Tin
Neon Marlboro 11”X26”
Bud Light Elec. Clock
Miller High Life Wolf 15”X22”
Pabst on Tap 12”X20”
Bud Tapper Topper, Tray & Budweiser Bottle 4”X15”
Dan Patch Cut Plug Tin
Coke Adv.’s
1994 Budweiser SS Tin 26”
Y & S Pure Calabria Licorice Tin 6”X7”
Tom Thumb Ring Ash Trays w/ Display
Glove & Rutgers & Harmonia Fire Insurance Adv.
2 Coffee Jars, Folgers & Don Leon
Phillip 66 – Hastings, Conoco – Ewing S&P
Vintage Conoco Road Maps
Lemonette , Grapette & Goetz Pale , bottles
Gillan Bros Donuts Display
Tums Fan
Archer Aircraft Oil Clipboard
Chesterfields Cigarettes 22”X5”
Mr. Peanut Party Favors
1937 H. Gund & Co. Rosemont, NE Calendar
Delco Sales SS Tin Painted
NyalYptus Cough Syrup Clayton’s G.I. NE 13”X27”
Girl & Dogs Print
Uncle Sam Recruiting & Lighthouse Prints
Chalk Sailor Girl 15”
Military Collectables
SS Troops Dress Dagger w/ mk M7/80 RZM 1197/30 Third Reich 13.5”
1942 WW2 Bayonet mk UFH 14”
1919 WW1 Bayonet mk RIA 14”
Walther PPK German Pistol #9 w/ holster
Hitler Youth Belt Buckle
WW1 Dough Boy 88 Division Helmet, good
WW2 Marine Flight Pilot & Mae West Life Preserver
WW2 & Korean IKE Jacket
Vietnam Air Force Flight Suit
1942 WW2 Fighting Knife M8A1VP Company K-ABAR
WW2 Fighting Knife 12” & 9”
Navy Signal Light w/ case & lens
Raleigh Cigarette Poster
USS Carrier Zippo Lighter
2 Switch Blades 8” & 7”
Hitler Pin Cushion
WW2 Helmet, Complete
WW2 Amphibious Assault Helmet Navy
WW 1 & WW2 Service Pins & Coins
WW2 Ice Foot Hardware & Slicker
WW2 Muzzle Cover & Amo Belt w/ 2 Extra Pockets
Air Plane Cig. Lighter
Glider Wing (Sterling Silver) & Grenade badges plus other badges
1966 Vietnam Seabee’s & Devil Dog Marine Zippo lighters
*Pin Collections; WW1 & WW2, Son’s in Service Pins, Spanish American War, Air Planes & Misc,
93 Pants & Jacket Iran War
Collection of US Sweet Heart Hanky’s
Brass US Navy Paddle Lock
Gottmituns Belt Buckle
German Flare Gun w/ out Barrel Eagle Stamp
Purple Heart Box
Tonka Metal Jeep
Army Pillow Cover
WW1 Battery Operated Flashlight
Military Whistle, Flare Gun
Vietnam Shirt, Iraq & Afghanistan Uniform
WW2 French Art
WW2 WOW (Women’s Ordinance Worker) Rosie the Riverter (Original Painted) 128”X66”
1942 Marion Hutton Chesterfield (Original Painted) 9’X66” Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade
Collectables, Toys & Other
Woodmanse Windmill Weight “Chicken” U Shaped Base (Geneva)
1929 Turner Metal Plane 24” Wingspan
Ford License Plate Attachment
Marx US Mail Plane 18” Wing span
1920’s Windup Metal Truck Bank
Marx Sinclair Metal Truck LMC Front 18”
Marx New York Airways Windup Helicopter
Marx Windup Police Cycle w/ Man, Key and sidecar
Arcade Washing Machine mk 701B
Auburn Rubber Racer 10”
Military Metal Jeep w/ man
Metal Doll Furniture
1964-1965 Mustang Print
Miniature 8” Toy Military Canon
Miniature 7” Singer Sewing Machine
1926 Alaska Cast Iron Ice Box 5”
Cast Iron Chey 4”
(2) Northwester Marble Games
Hubley Cap Gun w/ box
Mickey Mouse, Betty Bottes, Charlie Chaplin perfume bottles
Tonka State Hi-way Dept. 975
Tonka Gambles Pick-up
JD “A” Tractor, M-Farmall
Hubley Tractor w/ belly mount cultivator
Tootsie Toys
1965 Continental Trailways Silver Eagle Bus & Bus Station Sign 36”
TWA Metal Boeing 727 (metal), B-29 Bomber (wood) & Fighter Planes
Mickey Mouse Radio
1940 Lukasiewicz Hardware IHC Calendar
1934 Firestone Calendar, Phillipsburg KS & 1920 Rose & Anderson Sacramento, NE
DeLaval 1951 Year Book plus other paper advertisers
1927 Calendar Nes Rosendal, Dannebrog, NE
1919 The National New Oil Trade Journal
White Rose Gasoline Ad, 8 Ford Advertisers plus other Paper
Harley Motorcycle Print
Omaha Athletic Club Pitcher E.P.-N.S Silver Soldered
Betty Boop Clock & Charlie McCarthy Cardboard Figure
Children & Angles Print
The Texan Holster w/ box
Cowboy Set – Capes, guns, holster & spurs
2- Gas Light Fixtures
Rail Road Lantern Red Globe (Adam & West Lake Co.)
Adlake Kerosene Globe
Wix Full Flow Oil Filter & American Brakeblok Lining
Cast Iron GE Metal Refrigerator 7”
Champion – Cast Iron Police Officer on Cycle 7”
Oliver Bale Master Baler (Slik Mft.)
JD Pull Type Metal Combine
Hubley Tractor, Wagon, Packer & Rake
Hubley Helicopter 8.5” & Hubley Cap Gun
1963 Ford Sedan w/box, (2) Ford Fairlane,
Greyhound Bus w/ Original Box 9”
Kroger Food Express Truck Metal Craft Corp. 11”
Tonka Metal Pick-up
3 Toy Cars, 1961-1963 Fords, Thunderbird, Wagon, Mustang
Indian Blanket
Hamm’s Beer Salt & Pepper
2 Brass Grain Scale Buckets
Crosley Radio
Jewell Tea S&P w/ Plater
Waterbury Clock 5”, Telechrom Electric Clock 7”
4 Boxes of Vintage Matches
Malt Glasses & 50’s Trash Can
Art Deco Macklanburg Duncan Co. Smoke Stand 30”
1930 Hillmans Smoke Stand
McGarath’s Hardware Hastings
Furniture, Cabinets & Other
(2) Kerosene Wooden Buckets 2 & 3 Gallon
Jockey Teeter Totter Horse Ride
Wood Boxes; Winchester, Remington, Canada Dry, 7up,
Dad’s Root Beer, Sterling Ale, Comet Prunes, M&S Orange Pop & Goetz Beer.
Ballasted Stairway Post
Milking Stool & (2) Captain’s Chairs
Pine Kitchen Table & 2 Chairs Plus (2) School Chairs
2 Pine Wooden Stands, Youth High Chair
(6) Mission Oak Chairs, Pine Painted Tables & Stands
Barber’s Chair & Cobbler’s Shoe Shine Stool
Pine Painted Cabinet
3 Metal Beds
45” Round Mission Table & Chairs
Painted Dry Sink 38”X18”
Pine Painted Toolbox 18”X42”
Display Cabinet
Miscellaneous Collectibles
1830 Fort Pierre Fur Company Pierre Chouteau Dakota Territories Legal Sugar Spoon (Beaver)
Rivet Anvil Tools, Gem Shaving Co. Risqué Razor Blades & Razor, Tin Whistle, Yard Sticks,
Phillips Oil Tin, Sinclair Oil Banks 3”, Velvet, Kentucky Club, Bond Street, Big Ben, Union Leader Pipe Tobacco, Salt & Peppers, Pocket Knives, Cowboy Hat, Straight Edge Razers Wade & Butcher Sheffield England, Shapleigh HDW Co.
Token Collection
1950’s Sun Shade
Winchester Flashlights
Boyce Radiator MotoMeter
Pirate Pistol, Schlitz Beer & Aunt Jemima S&P, Telephone Terminal
Vintage Metal Mailbox
Cream Glass Container, Powder tins, Bullet Pencils,
4 Child Cartoon Bowls
Kerosene lamp bracket, Cast Bookends
Lightning Rod Red ball w/arrow
Animated Lamp
Clear Glass Tea & Coffee plus Green Glass Cabinet Containers
Kipps Cigar Box, Atlas Metal Bank, My Ladies Cigarettes & Bothenberg & Schloss, Peter Pan & other Tins
UP Railroad Glasses
(2) Phillipsburg Fire Department Uniforms
Metal Skeleton Head, box of plastic figure & Toys
Victrola Horn
(4) 55 & 61 Chevy Hub Caps, 57 & 65 Ford Wheel Covers
(3) License Plate Tags 44 & 43
Germany Straight Edge
Vapo-Cresolene Lamp w/ box
Vulcanizing Patch Kit
Apley Farm Equip thermometer
Brass Depot Tools, PBR Openers, Deshler Motors, Hamms Topper
(2) Vintage Glass Battery Jars
1947 License Plate Badge plus 4 1940’s License Plates
Deer Horn Mounts plus 6 horn hat rack
5 Windup and Elec. Clocks
Mounted Turkey
Viking Snow Ski’s
Baily Wood Plane #5, Stanley Level
Vintage Spark Plugs
Duck Decoys
1986 T-Bone Feedyard Belt Buckle

Auctioneers Note: Please note that there will be other items too numerous to mention at this very interesting auction. This is a “Live Only” Auction, no online offered. Absentee bidding with prior approval prior to the day of the auction. There is something for everyone on make plans now to attend. Everything sells absolute to the highest bidder with no reserve make plans now to attend. A complete file of all photos can be sent upon request by e-mailing [email protected]